PUBLIC SPEAKING FAQs: How do I persuade people?

Recently, on Quora, I was asked: Do the three rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos) have any faults?

Don't be put off by the Greek - it's just a fancy way of asking What's the best way to persuade people - with my character, with emotion or with reason?

I tried to meet the questioner's fancy language, so he'd respect my ethos, but spell out the bulk of my answer in language that is plain and accessible. If you have ever asked yourself some version of what's the best way to persuade people?, then take a look at my response. If you've ever felt squeamish about, or repelled by persuasion, because you thought it was just manipulation - well, then there's something here for you as wellIf, by your question, you mean moral faults...,